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Thanks for your interest in the Southeast Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition, Inc., also known as HERC Region 7.
The purpose of the HERC Region 7 is to help coordinate health resources in the event of a major incident occurring in the nine counties of southeastern Wisconsin that results in a large number of injured or ill patients.

Click on the following links to learn more about our mission, who our members are, and how we are organized:
HERC Mission and Vision – This page has the full stated mission and vision of our organization.
Our Membership – This page includes a list of HERC’s member organizations and agencies, as well as the current Board of Directors and Executive Committee representatives.
HERC Governance – Visit this page to learn more about HERC’s organizational and governance structure, to read a copy of HERC’s official bylaws, and see the regional workplan directives issued by the state and federal preparedness programs.
Map of HERC Region 7